Recreational Kayaks

The Mission Squirt. This is a lovely small kayak, stable, paddles well through the water and is easy to handle. A terrific little Kayak for the Kids with the capacity to take Adults up to 90kgs. Take this to the beach, paddle on the river. Fitted with additional Cargo bungee across the front and rear for taking Mask and fins with you or just bag with towel, shoes and Lunch !
The Flow is an outstanding sit-on-top kayak, great for flat water paddling, wave surfing and general, all round, smile inducing fun. 
Its size is almost perfect – small enough for your kids, but still big enough for a large adult. The Flow has excellent stability, is easy to handle, and is in the enviable position of being great fun whether you are a novice, intermediate or experienced paddler.
Incredibly easy to paddle, The Nemo XT Angler turns our modest little family kayak into the ulitmate fishing vessel. With all the usual features of the Nemo the XT Angler has been jam packed with extras. Compact, light, and stable are the catchwords here. The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the central hatch with bucket provides internal storage for your smaller items. 
A great looking sit-on-top kayak. Easy to paddle,  with excellent stability and high sides. This kayak performs well in surf and rough ocean conditions, but is also speedy and manoeuvrable on flat water and lazy rivers. With side handles built-in, plus additional bow and stern handles, this makes for easy handling. Very stable with plenty of on-board storage, with bow and stern tankwells. Package includes Paddle.
This is an excellent mid-size kayak. With great features, the added length in the Tribe 11.5 over the 9.5 means more speed, extra storage, and a boost in the surf. Makes a great all-around boat for paddlers.  A stable platform for fun and fitness! This kayak lends itself to adaptation as a fishing kayak or snorkeling / diving / swimming platform, whether in the calm waters of a river or out on the ocean.

VIKING ‘LAGOON’ , Currently Out of stock

The Lagoon kayak is made especially for smaller paddlers. The flatter hull makes it easy to paddle with excellent stability, providing confidence and safety. The rear well is ideal for snorkelling gear and a dry bag, while the centre hatch has a bucket inside for your smaller items like keys and snack bars. Another handy design feature is that the Lagoon is stackable so it’s easy to load two on your roof racks.